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Creative Graphic Designer

My name is Becca Wilkie and I am a Junior Graphic Designer. I enjoy being creative. I love painting with different mediums, drawing and sketching digitally or with old fashioned pencil and paper. Through my various working experiences, I have come to find I enjoy helping others; clients or fellow workers. I enjoy working in a team atmosphere and I also excel working on my own.

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What I Do ?

Web Based
UX UI Design

Branding And
Packaging Design

Material Design


Although photography isn't a requirement in design, I personally have found that it helps to
elevate my projects.

All images shown here are my own work 2018 - present

My Work

Here I have ten examples of my design work. I specialize in brand and logo design, but I also enjoy coming up with concepts for both web and packaging design.

Roth Farm Service Ltd.
Logo Design

This is a logo I created in Ai, for Roth Farm Service Ltd located just outside of Stratford, Ontario. This business was looking to create a brand and identity as they started out on their own.

Hummingbird Center For Hope Logo Re-design

I was asked to rebrand a non-for profit organization to better their community awareness. I created the hummingbird in Ai and assembled the logo in Id.

Atari Game Console
Digital Drawing

Here I have an old Atari Console that
I illustrated in Ai. The goal was to create a finished product that
looked as realistic as possible.

The Mafia Queen's Identity
Book Cover Design

This book cover was part of a
Photoshop challenge. I was asked to make it look like an invisible person that was wearing clothes.

Elora Mill Logo

Elora Mill wanted to re-create their logo. The original logo was very soft and subtle, so I decided to brighten things up with bold colour and modern clean lines.

Red Studios Photography
Logo Design

Red Studios photography company wanted a modern, sleek, professional look for their business and brand. The final design reflects these attributes.

Red Studios Photography
Website Design

I also designed the corresponding website for Red Studios photography. It is a long scrolling page that displays all of their beautiful content.

5-0'Clock Craft Brewery
Bottle Mock-Up

A craft brewery needed 3 new beer flavours. I designed a limited edition sample set of brews from Australia, Germany, and Canada.

Hummingbird Center
For Hope Billboard Design

Here is my billboard advertisement I created as part of my non-for profit organization redesign project. This organization is for widowed spouses or families who have lost a parental figure; they offer support groups and financial assistance. This project is a combination of Ai and Photoshop.

Nova Superhero Character Design
For POWrPlay Entertainment

Who doesn't want to create their own superhero? Using a variety of different images, I created a superhero concept for POWrPlay Entertainment. This project was done entirely in Photoshop using
painting and lighting techniques.

The Process

Let's Talk

First I start off by talking
to the client or reading the creative brief. This way I
gain an understanding of
the project.


I begin researching other relevant projects and sketching ideas in my sketch book to reference later.


After I have a strong idea of what I want to do, I shift to the computer. I keep refining my idea until I have a
semi-finished product.

Here We Go

Lastly I offer my team or client an opportunity to
make any last revisions before I print or send off
the final product.